Winter Icefiord Cruise


Winter Icefiord Cruise

Experience sea ice deep in the fiord of Nuuk

User icon Price: 2.095 DKK/person

Clock icon Duration: 6 hours

Calendar icon Season: cktober - April

Check icon Free cancellation

Check icon Local Captain and guide

Check icon Heated cabin boat

Check Coffee, tea and hot chocolate

Check Language: Greenlandic, English, Danish

Check Toilet onboard

Experience sea ice deep in the fiord of Nuuk


Experience sea ice, deep in the fiord of Nuuk

On this tour we sail deep into the fiord of Nuuk, during winter a layer of fjord ice forms and at some point becomes thick enough for us to walk on it, which is quite a unique experience.


It's about 2 hours of sailing to geet to the sea ice, og the way we may get really lucky spotting seals or sea eagles, although it's never a guarantee

The goal of the tour is to at least get up close and cruise along the sea ice, we may shut off the engine to enjoy the silence of nature and if the ice is thick enough we'll try and go walking on it. For winter bathers it's possible to take a dip in the arctic ocean.


The tour will be with our own Targa boats with a heated cabin and indoor seating for all. it's also possible to go out on the deck and have a seat. There is also a toilet onboard.

As it is one of our longer tours we highly recommend that you bring some lunch. We'll make sure there is coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Note that we take safety very seriously and it will only be possible to go on the ice if the captain deems it safe enough.

A winter version of our most popular summer tour

Winter Icefiord Cruise

Important Note


When you are going out on an adventure, it is highly recommended to bring both camera and binoculars. Note that it can get very chilly outside so do think about gloves and a scarf. For people looking to take a dip in the arctic ocean, they need to bring their own swimwear and towels.

  • Warm footwear
  • Warms socks
  • Jacket
  • Hat
  • Gloves/Mittens