Boat Charter Nuuk

Business or pleasure - Every day - All year

In Greenland, waterways are the only road between cities and settlements.
Meaning that a boat charter is the best and cheapest way to get to most places.


Boat Charter in Nuuk

In Nuuk Water Taxi we have specialized in solving any job at sea. No matter if you are looking for business, pleasure – or both. It is not forbidden to love your job!

Our boat charter is efficient transportation, any adventure, film crew, photographer, passenger, cargo, science team, mineral search, SAR-missions and much more.

On this website, you can book a charter tour online for 10 hours with the start and end at Nuuk.

Do you have other jobs with different durations or start or end in some other city or somewhere along the coast, don’t hesitate to write an email or phone.

A tour with Nuuk Water Taxi is not just transportation. We will make your tour an adventure in it self. And it is a part of our DNA to give the best service along.

Our Boats

We have six boats to do charter in Nuuk.You can read more about them here.

The four boats all have closed and heated cabins, toilets and open passenger decks.
The boats are cruising with a service speed of 29 knots.
The last boat is a small open boat mostly supporting different kind of tasks.

We are open for booking all year – and we look forward making your adventure or your jobs the best it can be.

Nuuk Water Taxi
Nuuk Water Taxi

Private Tour - Prices

Private charter - Get the boat exclusive – Up till 12 persons
For further charter conditions and prices read further down and in Term & Conditions.

Targa 25 – 1.950 DKK/hour (Max 6 pax)
Targa 37 – 3.300 DKK/hour (Max 12 pax)

Charter tours always start from Nuuk.
If you want a starting point in another harbour/location or in a longer time span please send a mail or give a call.

All charters are minimum 2 hours

Waiting hours:

Targa 25 – 950 DKK/hour (Max 6 pax)
Targa 37 – 995 DKK/hour (Max 12 pax)
Stålskib – 1.500 DKK/hour (Max 36 pax)

Surcharge for sailing in the nighttime period 18:00 to 08:00 

Targa 25 – DKK 400,-/Hour // Targa 37 – DKK 600,-/Hour

Targa 25 – 400 DKK/hour (Max 6 pax)
Targa 37 – 600 DKK/hour (Max 12 pax)

Extra charge for sailing following days:  24, 25. 26, 31 Dec og 1 januar Kr. 5.000,-

Fee for emergency call-outs DAY (06.00-21.00) 4.500 DKK


Fee for emergency call-outs NIGHT (21.00-06.00) 7.000 DKK



Charge for staying in a different harbour overnight 6.000 DKK



Invoice Fee - All invoices. DKK 35,-
Boatcharter will be charged upfront, and Invoice will be forwarded to the client, and the booking will be secured when payment is done. IBAN And SWIFT is available for overseas paymants.
Regardless the calculated time there will always be billed for actual time spent on each tour. If you have special request, please do not hesitate to call or send an email. We would be happy to put a special offer together to you.

For general terms & conditions please go here.
We reserve the right for price changes and misprints on this list.
For boat charter in South Greenland contact Blue Ice Explorer
For boat charter in the Disco Bay and Ilulissat contact Disko Line



Only available on charters:

Breakfast: DKK 129,- per person

Greenlandic Tapas: DKK 329,- per person
Sandwiches Assorted: DKK 199,- per person

On charter basis with estimated hours for return trips. Can change due to ice and weather conditions.
Waiting hours are not included in this estimation:

Maniitsoq – 8 hours
Qooqqut – 2 hours
Qoornoq – 3 hours
Kapisillit – 4 hours
Fiskenæsset / Qeqertarsuatsiaat – 8 hours