How to get to Nuuk

How to get to Nuuk

There are numerous travel agencies organizing both package tours and costume made tours to Nuuk.

So first of all you need to figure out how you will like to travel and how you will organize it.
Do you like somebody to make all the arrangements or do you like to surf at night and do all the booking your self? The last option is not necessarily the cheapest because of the many possibilities and dynamic price system for the flights. But its great fun. It’s a matter of how you prefer it and how long time you are willing to spend in the planning faze.

Travel Agencies

Here are some agencies that are making tours to Greenland. Use them as a reference list or just for inspiration to your own customized tour.
And if you want excursions in your package you can ask your agent to book Water Taxi or you can do it yourself.


Beside the cruise ships, you can only get to Greenland by airplane. Either from Copenhagen (CPH, Denmark) or from Keflavik near Reykjavik (KEF, Iceland). From Copenhagen you fly with Air Greenland via Kangerlussuaq. From Iceland you fly directly to Nuuk with Iceland Air.