Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions – Nuuk Water Taxi


General Terms & Conditions – Nuuk Water Taxi


Pleasurecruises that are cancelled due to weather, ice or technical issues, will always be fully refunded. This is always the Captains decision. We will always try to reschedule any booked tours.

Charters, that are proceeding at the request of the clients, regardless of the weather forecast will always be charged. 

Nuuk Water Taxi is not responsible for other peoples costs or expenses due to cancellations or delays in the service.

Tours based on ports other than home base will be billed as waiting day in case of cancellations.

A complex maintenance plan keeps the boat in the best possible condition, and minimizes the risk of technical problems.

We will maintain our right to cancel any group tours, if there are not sold a minimum of 4 tickets.

Ambulance sailing

We maintain our right to cancel any booking when an evacuation or emergency situation arises. 

We will, to the extent that it is possible, finish tours that have already started. 


Cancellation of adventure tours booked online


REFUNDS of tickets can be made free of charge online at www.watertaxi.gl until 16.00 the day before departure.


Fees for payment by credit card, booking fee etc. are NOT refunded.

Note: When refunding tickets, refunds can take up to 30 days depending on the credit card provider.

If the customer chooses to cancel or reschedule a charter-booking, the following rules aply:

Until 30 days before tour start all bookings are fully refunded (unless other is agreed by the confirmation)

Less than 30 days before tour start 35% is paid (the rest will be refunded)

Less than 72 hours before tour start 75% is paid (the rest will be refunded)

Less than 12 hours before tour start 100% is paid (there will be no refund)

If other rules apply they will be presented in the confirmation mail.

Changes underway

Described trips can change routes and destination along the way in case of challenges unforeseen weather and ice conditions. In such cases, refunded compared to not spent sailing time.

Group Separation

Note that on occasion, we may have more than 1 boat going on the same tour, it therefore cannot be guaranteed that groups can stay together. It will, however, always be in the same boat type. You can see our fleet here. We will do our best to keep groups together, but it’s simply not always possible. Families with small children are prioritized, and pensioners or people with a bad back should preferably be on the bigger boat, if we are doing a tour with 1 big and 1 smaller Targa.

Prices and conditions

Invoice Fee

An Invoice fee of DKK 35,- is added to all invoice payments.

Boatcharter will be charged upfront, and Invoice will be forwarded to the client, and the booking will be secured when payment is done. IBAN And SWIFT is available for overseas paymants.

Perfume free zone

We encourage all our guests to not use perfume during boat tours, as we want to take into account that some people can have allergies.



Animals are welcome on board the boats, but should be kept in cages on the aft deck. 

As we want to take into account that some people can have allergies.


All year – Private charter

Accommodation for boat in port other than home base… 6.000 DKK

Waiting day for the boat in port other than home base… 12.000 DKK

Regardless the calculated time there will always be billed for actual time spent on each tour.

If you have special request, please do not hesitate to call or send an email. We would be happy to put a special offer together to you.

For other prices see individual trips under Excursions.



Equipment and Storage

Equipment and luggage allowed at your own risk. Nuuk Water Taxi takes no responsibility of any damage to passengers carried equipment and luggage.



Transport of hazardous goods

It is possible to bring hazardous goods on your charter with Nuuk Water Taxi, but in a limited amount.

  • 5 kg of gas
  • 20 L of gasoline
  • 1 Bottle of petroleum

When carrying a weapon on board, the following rules are existing:


  • The magazine must be removed
  • The weapon must be unloaded
  • The weapon must be placed down in the cabin