Employees at Nuuk Water Taxi



Anders - CEO

Originally from Denmark but have lived most of my adult life in Greenland. After 5 years in Sisimiut, the time felt right to start the company Water Taxi, which started off in Ilulissat, but after 3 years we moved the operation to Nuuk in 2017. My great passion is really my love for nature, tall peaks, fresh air and wide open spaces. To be able to share these experiences with our clients is deeply rooted in me. My time off is spent with the family, with my wife Maria who is originally from Maniitsoq and our son who came to be in 2021.

My education is rooted in the clothing industry, where things like customer service and finding the perfect product for the customers are essential - Those key aspects are what we try to deliver within Water Taxi, customer service with us needs to be within the highest standards. We take pride in that. On a day-to-day basis, I work with management, product development, optimising, budgets, finances and planning for the future with our board.

Anders, CEO hos Nuuk Water Taxi

Lasse, medarbejder hos Nuuk Water Taxi

Lasse - Marketing & Adventure Manager

Born and raised in Greenland, most of the time in Nuuk. Passionate about creating and marketing experiences. I’ve studied Natural & Cultural Heritage Management as well as an adventure guide education here in Greenland as well as in Iceland. I’m a self-taught photographer with published images in magazines, books, and exhibitions as well as prints in work spaces. I’ve worked within the tourism industry since 2016, ranging from tour operators, travel agents, municipal development, education and am now sitting in just the right place with Nuuk Water Taxi.

My favourite experience recently has definitely been Camp Kangiusaq, having been there from the start to when we could finally sleep on a luxurious bed and enjoy the views from the platforms. The landscape is just phenomenal for hiking.

Ivalo, medarbejder hos Nuuk Water Taxi

Ivalo - Booking assistant

My name is Ivalo, I was born and raised in Nuuk, and I grew up around boats, sailing in the weekends from an early age and throughout my teens. Being in nature is just the best there is and something I find a lot of nostalgia in.

I chose to study the “Arctic Guide” and “Adventure Guide” here in Greenland. Working as a guide is probably the best job I ever had and have been extremely happy working with Nuuk Water Taxi where I can combine my hands-on knowledge with office work as a Booking Assistant.

I like knitting and getting creative in my spare time, and prioritize spending time with my family, a son of nearly 2 years, my boyfriend and our little dog.

My favourite experience with Nuuk Water Taxi is perhaps when we have a couple of really hectic days but still make it all work really well, together. I’m really happy to have the colleagues that I do because we always support each other as a team.