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Our Pledge Towards Better Tourism

As Greenland opens more windows to the world, and welcomes more visitors to our country, we look towards a new future of tourism, and how Greenland’s tourism sector can move towards better tourism for and by all of Greenland.

We reflect on our oldest tale of sustainability, a tale of Sassuma Arnaa - Mother of the Sea, and we come together in our commitment to always develop tourism in balance with Nature, People and Culture.

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Pledge mod bærdygtig turisme hos Nuuk Water Taxi

Ligestilling hos Nuuk Water Taxi

Gender Equality

At Nuuk Water Taxi we prioritize gender equality in our work force. It is important for us that there is equality within our employees in regards to gender. Our current employees are split accordingly:

- 50% Women / 50% Men in our administration.

- 61% Women / 39% Men among our boat crew.

- 45% Women / 55% Men among our internships.


We are proud to represent both genders in our line of work, no matter if you're a captain, guide, intern or office worker. We are currently experiencing a much higher degree of women applying for work at our company.



At Nuuk Water Taxi education has always been an important part of our companys development. We believe that tourism is one of Greenland's most important sources of income and want to help show people the opportunities that exist within the tourism industry.

In 2023 we have had several internships, as well as 1 apprentice for our workshop, with 1 more joining soon. We have had several 2 week internships from our primary schools as well as students from Campus Kujalleq, and from UCL Business Academy.

We are looking into the potential of taking in internships from Greenland Business School as students at international trade and marketing or international transportation and logistics might fit in well in our organization

We have also helped several of our employees develop their skills and experience, for example from Guide to Captain, or crew to administrative employees.

Affaldsindsamlinger hos Nuuk Water Taxi
Affaldsindsamlinger hos Nuuk Water Taxi


Nuuk Water Taxi supports several causes every year, these are picked out by our sponsorship management and can be processed within approx. 2 weeks

As a rule we do not support with cash but can help with sailing or a gift card to our products which could then be used as prizes in competitions or lotteries for funding an organizations needs.

Anyone is welcome to contact us via info@nuukwatertaxi.gl about gaining a sponsorship



Life at Sea

We are extremely lucky to have the Humpback whale protected in the Nuuk fiord as we can see simply from our ticket sales that whale safaris are one of our most popular tours during the summer months. More than 30 individual humpback whales return to our fiord every year giving us good chances to at least spot 1 or 2 on our tours. This is always done according to the governmental regulations and recommendations in order to disturb the whales as little as possible. By enjoying the sight of whales in their natural environment we can create a sustainable business, year after year.

We also have quite a few people going on fishing tours, we as a company are in support of changing the way people gain a fishing licenses to ensure more transparency and easier regulation as we believe it is too difficult to obtain and keep an overview of.

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Ambulance Sailing

On occassion it is impossible to evacuate people to our larger hospitals via helicopters or airplanes. We therefore have a company policy to always try our best and to be ready to pick up people in need, no matter where and when.


For example, during new years eve we helped evacuate people from Qeqertarsuatsiaat in the middle of the night. We hope that this will strengthen our country's health care system.


Ambulance sailing will always be prioritized over any other tour, therefore we may need to cancel tours with tourists or locals in order to help the people in need. We hope that everyone will understand this.


Trash collection in the fiord

Nuuk Water Taxi holds a trash collecting day in the fiord every year, we provide boats and crew to carry volunteers out to places in need of a hand or two.

There has always been more than enough volunteers which we are so grateful for and restaurant Killut has on several occasions sponsored lunch for the participants.

We want to help our community towards sustainable development and to help keep the fiord clean

Affaldsindsamlinger hos Nuuk Water Taxi