Transfer to Cabin areas


Transfer to cabin areas

Go on an extended weekend to Akia, Qooqqut or Qoornoq

User icon Price: 500-650

Clock icon Duration: Kom ud fredag - hjem søndag

Calendar icon Season: November - April 

Check icon Free cancellation

Check icon Local captain and guide

Check icon Heated cabin boat

Check Coffee, tea & hot chocolate

Check Language: English, Danish, Greenlandic

Check Toilet onoard

Just tell the captain exactly where your cabin is


Transfer to cabin areas

Go on an extended weekend trip to Akia, Qooqqut or Qoornoq

The transfers are guaranteed unless of course the weather takes a turn for the worse

You just buy a 1-way ticket friday and then a ticket home on Sunday, if you'd like to go on different days, please send a e-mail to our office to hear what's possible

Departure is always from the tide water stairs, it's important when getting picked up to be ready at least 30 min before planned departure. It would be great if you have a VHF radio in order to communicate with the captain as they get close


There will be tea, coffee and hot chocolate onboard.

OBS: Inform us whether or not it's necessary to use a rubber dinghy to get to your cabin

Cabins areas

Important Note


When you are going out on an adventure, it is highly recommended to bring both camera and binoculars. It is also advisable to bring warm clothes. On this boat there is a cabin, but prepare and bring clothes that keep you warm. A neck warmer and glowes is always good.

  • Warm footwear
  • Warms socks
  • Jacket
  • Hat
  • Gloves/Mittens

Attention points!

  • Cabin boat with seatings for all, and heating inside
  • All in insurance
  • Life jackets
  • Skilled and professional crew