Accommodation in Nuuk

In order to try the coolest taxi in the world, it is necessary to stay in a Nuuk hotel for some nights. During your stay, there are many options.

There are many hotels and other accommodation possibilities in Nuuk. There are cheap hostel as well as a four star hotel. This is not just a question on price but also a question on how you will like to stay. Will you like to be able to eat all meals where you stay? Do you like the opportunity to go on a fishing tour with Nuuk Water Taxi and prepare your own dinner?

Do you like a lot of other visitors around you to share the adventure of the day or do you prefer more private settings? You will find most of these opportunities on this list of hotels in Nuuk:

Hotel Hans Egede


– Fours stars downtown the arctic capitol

Hotel Hans Egede is a four star hotel just in the center of Nuuk. In fact they have two great restaurants. Besides the view from the hotel is uniquely over the town and over the fiord. Hotel Hans Egede is popular both for leisure and business travellers.

You can find the website of Hotel Hans Egede here.

Hotel Nordbo


– Hotel apartments

Hotel Nordbo is not an ordinary hotel with reception and restaurant. Altogether there are more than 50 hotel appartments in central part of Nuuk. The appartments are in different sizes and prices. Therefor, if you like your own little kitchen this is a good option for a hotel in Nuuk.

The webpage for Hotel Nordbo is here.

Soemandshjem Nuuk


– Three stars near the harbour 

The Seamen’s Home Hotel is located at the harbor in Nuuk  therefor the view is certainly amazing. In fact you can see both the ocean, the mountains and the local harbor. Despite the location in the town center, the guests often mention the calm and quiet atmosphere surrounding the hotel.

For booking and information find  the website here.

Vandrehuset, Nuuk


 – Hostel In Nuuk center with everything you need. 

Vandrehuset is centrally located in Nuuk only about 200 meters from Nuuk Center. The house consists of 4 single rooms and one double room. There is a shared living room, kitchen and bathroom. There is access to the washer and dryer. Also TV with a local channel package.

The Hostels website is here.

Inuk Hostel


– Unique view of the Nuuk Fiord. 

Inuk Hostels is located close the sea and has indeed a unique view of the Fjord. At the same time Inuk Hotels located within walking distance to Nuuk City Center, and there is public bus service to and from the holiday village. Furthermore Inuk Hotels consists of four cabins and a large common house where conferences held.

In addition – Do your booking at Inuk Hostel here.