Winter Tours in Nuuk

From October to April

Fiord Adventure

2 hours – all day

Northern Lights Boat Tour

3 hours – from 7 pm

Rypejagt – Ptarmigan hunt

Tag på jagt i Nuuk Fjord

Deep Sea Fishing Tour

3 hours – fishing gear included

Qoornoq Island Tour

4 hours – icebergs guaranteed

Boat charter in Nuuk

Design your own adventure

Summer Tours in Nuuk

From May to September

Icefiord cruise

Qooqqut Nuan – Catch´n´eat

Whale Safari

Paddleboarding in the Nuuk Icefiord

Puffin Express

Qoornoq Island Tour

Deep sea fishing

Kayak School and rent

We are Nuuk Water Taxi

Nuuk Water Taxi A/S are a local familybusiness. We are both a boat charter company, and a tour operator. We aim to please all our clients, by providing our clients with nice, clean boats and we use only local labor.

All our captains in are locals, whom we have send through a specific training programme, that meets the highest standards, and with the Maritime Academy in Nuuk you as a client, can be sure to go out with a very skilled captain, every time you get on board a yellow Water Taxi.

We have 16 different tours that you can join by paying per person. See the overview here. If you want a private tour or you are in a group, you can book a private boat. See our fleet here. We also do all kinds of other transport at sea. Film crew, fast delivering of cargo, photographer, passengers, science team, mineral search, SAR-missions and much more.

You are welcome to contact us by phone or mail. If you are in Nuuk come by our office. In the summertime we residence in the old Colonial Harbour. In the wintertime you can find us at Hotel Hans Egede.