The Icefiord Trail - Multi-day Hike

Kapisillit to Camp Kangiusaq.pdfthe icefiord trail

User icon Price: 7.995 /person

Calendar icon Sæson: Juli - September

Check icon Free cancellation up to 72 hours before departure

Check icon Local guides at camp kangiusaq

Check icon Tent with a doublebed at camp

Check All meals included during whole trip

Check Guide w. safety gear

Check Paddleboard and kayak free to use at camp

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The Icefjord Trail

For the people looking to immerse themselves in the Greenlandic wilderness, with glacier views, wildlife, ice, an adventure well worth it!

This is a multiday hike for those looking to immerse themselves deeply into the Greenlandic wilderness. Our only company will be ourselves and the majestic Greenlandic nature, and perhaps a couple of caribou.

We will camp with views over glaciers and the Icefjord, gather water in streams and rivers along our way and end our hike in the delightful and comfortable surroundings of Camp Kangiusaq where we will have the chance to try our hand at fishing and kayaking or paddleboarding amongst icebergs. It is also possible to extend your stay in the camp.

All meals are included, during the hike and at Camp Kangiusaq


We begin this multiday hike near the small settlement of Kapisillit. We will hike along the Icefjord for 3 days, spending two nights deep in the Greenlandic wilderness before reaching the camp.


Day 1 a relatively easy start. After a scenic boat transfer from Nuuk, we will cross from Kapisillit over to the Icefjord. Staying in fairly flat terrain, we follow the icefjord to our first campsite by a large lake which, on a clear day, has a view over to the deepest glacier in Nuuk fjord.


Day 2 takes us into higher terrain, up to approx. 600m, where we enter a mountain top landscape full of lakes and small hills with numerous viewpoints down to the Icefjord. We will camp at the “Butterfly lake” with a view over the Narsap Sermia Glacier.


Day 3 is the shortest day, with a downhill trail to Camp Kangiusaq where we will sleep in proper beds in large luxury tents, eat food prepared by the camp staff, go kayaking or paddleboarding and try our hand at fishing, or simply rest up in comfort after our hike.


Day 4 we can enjoy our morning in the beautiful surroundings of the camp before we depart back to Nuuk around midday. It’s also possible to extend your stay at the camp.


You can read more about Camp Kangiusaq here


If you want a more in depth description then please read this. PDF


This i a package trip from Nuuk - if you want a package with accommodation in Nuuk then see here. It is also possible to have an extra night at camp, for more time to enjoy the surroundings.



* Fishing rods, kayak and paddleboards are free to use during your stay at Camp Kangiusaq


* Difficulty: Medium (the terrain is not too difficult, but you need experience wit multi-day hikes)

OBS: please inform us with any allergies in good time


OBS: It will be possible to rent gear, such as a tent, price depends on the amount of equipment you want to rent. Please contact us via e-mail for further information 


When going on a long hike or to Camp Kangiusaq, we recommend proper hiking boots. A warm layer and some changing clothes. Our tents at camp kangiusaq are heated, with a nice double-bed and fitted with duvets and pillows. No need for a sleeping bag there.

  • Warm footwear
  • Wool socks
  • wool base layer
  • Jacket
  • Beanie
  • gloves
  • Sunscreem
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain wear