Kapisillit Icefiord Hike


Kapisillit Icefiord Hike

Incredible sailing and a short hike to see the icefiord

User icon Price: 2.095 DKK/person

Clock icon Duration: 8 hours

Calendar icon Season: June-October

Check icon Free cancellation

Check icon Local captain and guide

Check icon Heated cabin

Check Coffee, tea and hot chocolate

Check Language: English, Danish

Check Toilet on board

Price includes: 5 hours sailing and a hike to the ice fiord with guidance along the way – Coffee and Tea are complimentary.


Sail deep into the fiord of Nuuk and hike to the wonderful ice fiord

We sail for about 2,5 hours right to the edge of the fiord from which it’s only about a 45 min hike on fairly flat terrain to see the ice fiord, and then the same way back for another 45 minutes.

We’ll hike until we reach a nice viewpoint of the ice fiord. The icebergs vary greatly in size and numbers depending greatly on the activity of the 3 large glaciers that feed the ice fiord deeper down than what we can see from here.

On the boat ride there it’s possible to experience a variety of wildlife such as whales, seals, and eagles. Although with no guarantee.

Kapisillit has become home to the northernmost sheep farm in the world which means we’re likely to find a couple of sheep roaming around, but also local wildlife such as reindeer, foxes, and hares have been known to cross by this area.

The hike itself isn’t super difficult, but there is no trail and it’s important to wear good hiking boots as we might pass by some marshland.

The hike is not appropriate if you have any difficulty with hiking. This would not classify as "easy", But if you don’t then you’ll be rewarded with great views before it’s time to head back.

The guide has extensive knowledge about the area so feel free to ask any questions you might have.

We invite you to join us for an experience of a lifetime on this Kapisillit Icefiord hike from Nuuk.


Important Note


When you go out on an adventure, it is strongly recommended to bring both the camera and the binoculars. It is also advisable to bring warm clothes. On this boat there is a heated cabin, but prepare and bring clothes that keep you warm, when you want to sit outside on the front deck. A neck warmer and shine is always good.

You are allowed to bring your own food.

  • Warm footwear
  • Warms socks
  • Jacket
  • Hat
  • Gloves/Mittens
  • Sun lotion
  • Sun glasses

Attention points!

  • Cabin boat with seatings for all and heating inside
  • All in insurance
  • Life jackets
  • Skilled and professional crew