Covid 19 Information Greenland

From Nuuk Water Taxi

Rules and restrictions for traveling in and out of Greenland changes often. Therefor we urge you get your information about Covid-19 in Greenland from the official websites. Also ask the government in your own home country.

This link is for the officiel koordination in Greenland.

Taking precautions

Safety is always a major focus point for us in Nuuk Water Taxi. Equally are the Covid-19 issues. We care about our team can go to work in a safe environment. Equally we care about our passengers and participants in our tours. In short everyebody should have a safe and worry-free tour.

We follow all the instructions from the Public Health Authorities. Therefore we clean the boats thoroughly between each tours. Also we keep clean hands at all time – and keep proper distance. Finally no employees nor passenger do get on the boat with any virus symptoms.