This is where you will find out more about the boats “Ice Force One”, “Ice Force Two”, “Ice Force 3” and “Ice Force 4” and the captain and owner of the Water Taxi franchise, Anders Lykke Laursen.

“Ice Force One” is one of the four boats of Nuuk. It is a special constructed Targa 25.1, made specially for the greenladic waters, that can sometimes be packed with ice.

The boat is special designed to withstand the ice and the sometimes tough weather inside the fiords

“Ice Force Two” is our small open boat by POCA boats in Denmark. The boat is also special made for greenlandic conditions, and are the favoruite brands of the local hunters and fishermen.

“Ice Force 3” is a cabin boat, Bella 700 Patrol. Great for the greenlandic waters and conditions.

“Ice Force 4” is the last and newest of our 4 boats here in Nuuk. It is a Targa 25.1 Blackline. It is the same as “Ice Force 1” but has been taken up a nudge. For the more luxurious trips, with black leather seats.

Our tours are very different – and you can read more about them under “Excursions”

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