WaterTaxi.gl consist of three independant companys. Greenland Water Taxi, Henningsens, and Qasigiannguit Charter and Tourism.

Henningsens, and Qasigiannguit Charter and Tourism are a franchise of the Water Taxi owned by Greenland Water Taxi in Nuuk.

To have a franchise is a big advantage, as we grow, and help each other, TOGETHER. This makes us all stronger.

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From small one man company to a nationwide franchiseé

  • The story all began with a dream..
  • 2012, Espen Andersen, the founding father of Ilulissat Water Taxi, had the idea to offer exclusive, and flexible boattours of the Ilulissat area.
  • 2013 Ilulissat Water Taxi was Born
  • 2014 Ilulissat Water Taxi was sold to entrepreneur, Anders Lykke Laursen.
  • 2015 Greenland Water Taxi sets up office, downtown Ilulissat. Multiple business arrangements are set and the network grew.
  • 2016 Kaj Henningsen in Ilulissat shows interest for the company, and it is decided that Anders Lykke Laursen is moving to Nuuk and opening up Nuuk Water Taxi.
  • 2017 Nuuk Water Taxi are born, and the franchise, WaterTaxi are now open. Nuuk Water Taxi adds a Poca Open Boat to the fleet.
  • 2018 Greenland Water Taxi agrees franchises with one new operator making it to 3 destinations. Qasigiannguit Charter and Tourism.