Kajak tur langs Nuuks kyst


Kajak tur langs Nuuks kyst

3 timer kajaktur med instruktør

Pris: 595 DKK/person

Varighed: 3 timer

Sæson: Maj-September

Sværhedsgrad: Medium

Minimumsalder: 14 år


En kayaktur langs Nuuks kystlinje

For the people more familiar with kayaking, this is less of an introduction and more of a tour where we paddle along the coast of Nuuk looking for interesting things such as icebergs and/or wildlife.

If you’re a complete beginner with a kayak then please see our “Kayak School Tour” which focuses on giving an introductory experience.

We have all the equipment you will need for this tour. Kayaks, paddles, drysuits, shoes, dry skirt, and gloves.

You will meet your local guide at our office and after greeting you, he or she will give a brief history of the kayak as we set up the foot pedals for everyone’s individual size.

Once we get on the water, we’ll slowly head up north along with the colorful houses of Myggedalen, there can be quite a few boats passing by with consequent waves, which is why this is preferred for people with some experience.

We aim to spend at least 2 hours sitting in a kayak on the water, so make sure you’ve used the toilet before jumping in our drysuits.

Our guides are skilled locals who enjoy spending time on the ocean just as much as you do. Occasionally there are icebergs nearby town and we’ll of course get close if possible, always maintaining a safe distance.

Du kan også leje din egen kayak.

Kayak Tour

Vigtig info


Når man tager ud på tur anbefaler vi at have både kamera og kikkert med. Det er også vigtigt at have varmt tøj. Der er en opvarmet kabine i båden men hvis man vil ud og sidde kan det hurtigt blive koldt så overvej gerne halstørklæde og handsker.

Man må gerne tage sin egen mad med.

  • Varmt fodtøj
  • Varme sokker
  • Jakke
  • Hue
  • Handsker/luffer
  • Solcreme
  • Solbriller