Here in Greenland the waterways are the only roads between the cities and settlements.

Costumize your own boat tour. Efficient transportation, Any adventure or excursion, film crews, photographers, passengers, cargo, science team, mineral searches, SAR tasks, etc.

On this site you can book charter tours online up to 10 hours with start and finish in Qasigiannguit.

Do you have other jobs with different duration or with start or end in other cities or somewhere on the coast do not hesitate to write an email or call.

Our boats

We own both an adventures open boat, and a nice comfortable cabin boat.

These boats can be chartered – just email us for qoutation.

Home port for Qasigiannguit Water Taxi is Qasigiannguit and this is also the starting point for all tours.

To book – just press the button or make a call +299 24 23 73 or write an email