Rent a cabin in the wild

We will get you out and back again - Sailing included

Get away from the hustle and bustle? 

Now you have the chance to go to Akia, for an amazing experience. You can rent this cabin for you and your group of up to 6 persons.

The cabin includes most things you will need to stay overnight. Below you will see the list of things needed that you should bring yourself.

The cabin is located at the area named Akia, that is across the Nuuk Fiord from the Old Colonial Harbour. Here you will find piece and quiet, and there is nice options for hiking, fishing or even go cross country skiing in the wintertime. The name of the area is Greenlandic, and means “the northside”.  The cabin is just a stones throw from the water, so when we bring you there by boat, there is easy access to and from the boat.

As mentioned before, the cabin includes most things you will need to enjoy a weekend or more in the beautiful surroundings.

  • There is a toilet, but it is a toilet with a plastic bag, so you will need to emty it when you leave the cabin. It must be done away from the cabin and into the ocean.
  • Firewood for the woodburning stove. You can buy wood pallets at the local DIY (Stark in Nuuk)
  • Water – There are water dunks in the cabin, so in the winter you can melt some snow, and in the summer there is water supply from the hills.
  • Kitchen cloths etc can be found in the cabin, and you are welcome to use them. Just bring them with you back from the cabin so we can wash them.
  • Food – Bring your own
  • Sleeping bags – Bring your own
  • Gas for kitchen included
  • 1 king size bed – 4 mattresses  – 1 weekendbed (for kids)
  • Cleaning – The cabin must be cleaned when you are leaving it.

Two nights - sailing included

DKK5000,-Up to 6 persons
  • Included sailing in Targa cabin boats

Extra nights

DKK1250,-Up to 6 persons