In Greenland, waterways are the only road between cities and settlements.

Make your own boat trip possible. Efficient transportation, any adventure or outing, film crew, photographer, passenger, cargo, science team, mineral search, sar mission, etc.

On this website, you can book a charter tour online for 10 hours with the start and end at Nuuk.

Do you have other jobs with different durations or start or end in some other city or somewhere along the coast, don’t hesitate to write an email or phone.

Our ship

These three boats can be rented – just email us to rent.

The home of the nuuk water taxi is Nuuk, which is also the starting point for all tours.

Book – just press the button or dial + 299 54 56 90 or write to email

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Planning a trip to Nuuk, including the Nuuk Water Taxi